What is it with Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds?

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape of diamond.For hundreds of years, diamond cutters have been developing this cut to maximize its brilliance and fire.

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Brilliant cuts were first developed by Marcel Tolkowsky (1899–1991). He came from a Belgian family of diamond cutters, and derived the cut from mathematical calculations that maximized the brilliance and dispersion of light.

Since its creation in the early twentieth century, the round brilliant cut has become the most researched and popular of all cuts. It is comprised of 58 facets and naturally follows the crystal shape of a rough diamond therefore designed to give maximum scintillation, beauty and fire.

The simplest cut is a single cut, a form of cutting a round diamond with only 18 facets.

This progression has resulted in diamonds from different periods having quite distinct appearances. Over time, table facets have become larger, culets smaller, and star facets and lower half facets longer. If you rock or tilt one of the older-style gems, you’ll see a different face-up pattern of light and dark than you would with a contemporary brilliant-cut.

To evaluate a diamond’s Cut quality, ensure it is not cut too shallow or too deep.

When a Round Brilliant is cut too shallow, incoming light strikes the pavilion at a low angle. The light then travels through the diamond and exits through the sides, without reflecting through the table to the eyes. The large amount of escaping light causes the diamond to lack both brilliance and fire.

If a diamond is cut too deep, light will strike the pavilion (the lower half of a diamond) at a sharper angle, prompting the light to reflect to another pavilion. Therefore, the exit is through the bottom of the diamond—instead of through the table. For this reason, when a diamond is cut too deep, it will be dull instead of radiant.

When a diamond is cut for maximum brilliance and fire, light strikes each pavilion facet. It then reflects back to the eye through the crown and table. A well-proportioned Round Cut Diamond with optimal facet angles reflects white and colored light almost flawlessly.

If you’re looking for a timeless Diamond with impressive brilliance may be the perfect choice. Consider first the quality of the diamond’s Cut, then its Color and Clarity, to ensure the most stunning Round Cut Diamond.

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