Understanding how different shapes of diamonds fluctuate in price in the secondary market

The market price of a diamonds are affected by many factors, such as the 4C’s of diamond grading.

The shape of a diamond and how well it is cut is a contributing factor to the sale price. The diamond rough used to produce different shape diamonds commands different prices in the market, due to supply and demand. For example, diamond rough that can be cut into a round brilliant cut diamond commands a higher price than rough that can only be made into fancy cut diamonds. Why? Because brilliant cut diamonds outsell all other shapes by at least three to one.

There are many nuances that can affect the market price of a diamond by as much as 60 percent in the secondary market when you sell loose diamonds. Is there a black carbon spot in the center of the diamond? Or a white glitz at the very edge of the diamond that could be covered by a prong? They may have the same clarity grade, but the stone with the white glitz is more desirable which can affect price.

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