How To Sell Jewelry Online: Conduct Due Diligence

Do you have fine jewelry you want to sell?
· Perhaps a friend of relative passed an item down to you.
· You simply never liked a certain gift or lost interest in something you previously purchased.
· Maybe you still have a diamond engagement ring or wedding band from a previous marriage.
Whatever the reason, you simply want to find the best jewelry buyer to sell jewelry online.
Who do you choose to sell your jewelry to?

You might have seen a few television commercials about jewelry buyers or might have read several articles about how to sell jewelry online.
It’s very confusing, indeed.

sell jewelry online

You’ve already begun the process of looking into what you must do to sell jewelry online.

That’s great, but because you own valuable items, you must go further. Furthermore, when professionals and businesses evaluate a possible deal, they conduct “due diligence,” meaning they look into every detail before they consider going ahead with the deal.

Thus, you must conduct due diligence when you sell your jewelry online. It’s the only way to make sure you:
• Get the best price.
• Receive immediate payment.
• Find a trustworthy, experienced jewelry buyer.

Now, how do you conduct due diligence with regard to selling your jewelry online? Firstly, understand your jewelry’s value.

How to Understand Your Jewelry’s Value

Figuring out your jewelry’s value really isn’t all that difficult. Take your items to a local jewelry buyer and simply ask how much the buyer will give you for them that day. Feel free to go to several buyers and ask how much they will immediately pay you. Once you get a price, how do you then make sure you will get a better price? Easy.

Call D. Atlas Estates and ask its expert jewelry buyers to evaluate your jewelry. Do not, however, let them know the prices the other jewelry buyers quoted.

After you speak to the D. Atlas Estates’ expert jewelry buyers, they will forward to you a no-cost-to-you, pre-paid, fully insured Federal Express packet with which to forward your items (this means that if your jewelry is damaged or does not reach its destination, Federal Express insures its value up to $75,000).

Upon two days of receipt of your items, the D. Atlas Estates’ expert jewelry buyers will provide you an offer. If you do not accept the offer, the following day, D. Atlas Estates will return your pieces, in a no-cost-to-you, pre-paid, fully insured Federal Express packet.

Again, D. Atlas Estates is confident the price it offers will exceed the prices the other jewelry buyers quoted.

The original partners established D. Atlas & Co. in 1898, on Philadelphia’s “Jewelers Row.” For more than 123 years, its expert jewelry buyers have appraised and purchased fine items from an estate, divorce, or to simply free up an unused asset.

We want you to know we understand the financial challenges of an extended quarantine and are thinking of you during these unusual and challenging times. It is reassuring to know we are all in this together and we are thankful for those who are keeping our lives safe, healthy and supplied as well as for you, our clients.

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