Faberge: A Life of its Own

An award-winning documentary “Fabergé: A Life of Its Own” recounts the roller coaster story of the House of Fabergé, one of the most prestigious names in luxury.

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The work of Peter Carl Fabergé, and the jewelry firm begun by his father.  Fabergé jewelry first came to the attention of the Russian royal family when Tsaritsa Maria. She was the recipient of the Third Imperial egg — and bought her husband a pair of Fabergé cufflinks. The patronage of the Tsars, commissioned the legendary Imperial eggs as family Easter gifts. In addition, they gifted thousands of Fabergé items to dignitaries and dignitaries they visited, meant that in 1900. Peter Carl oversaw a firm of 300 craftsmen and workers, all housed in one St Petersburg building.

The eggs and some of the other precious Fabergé items were only available to the wealthiest in society. Fabergé also made smaller and more affordable items, but with the same attention to detail and wit. He allowed his best craftsmen, known as workmasters, to initial their works, thus creating sub-sets of Fabergé that would, in time, become catnip to collectors.

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