Why Sell Your Jewelry?

It’s a very personal decision to sell your diamond and/or estate jewelry. If you decide to sell your jewelry, there are many opportunities and helpful circumstances to sell your jewelry. Using the money that you will receive can be meaningful. Not sure what you should use the money for? Here are a few ideas: College or retirement investments, down payment on a new home, pay off debt or otherwise pave the way for a strong financial future, family vacation, towards a beautiful piece of jewelry you will enjoy in the memory of your loved one, give to a charity your loved one appreciated, or redecorate or home remodel.

Selling Your Diamond Engagement Ring After Divorce

If you got divorced and left with your ring, it’s yours to do with as you choose. When you’re ready, selling your engagement ring can bring a sense of closure. Many people choose to sell their engagement ring to help with expenses during the divorce process or take a vacation with their children. If you’ve made the decision to sell your engagement ring after divorce, be sure to find an expert, trustworthy diamond buyer.

It’s always helpful to a diamond ring buyer if you have the diamond lab certification, a past appraisal and/or the original receipt of the engagement ring purchase. This documentation can help a diamond buyer perform a more accurate evaluation and make you a better offer. However, if you don’t have the ring information, a true diamond expert will be able to give you a good, fair offer with no paperwork if necessary.

There a variety of factors that can impact the cash offer for an engagement ring. The important thing to keep in mind is that the value of your engagement ring is based primarily on the quality and carat size of the center diamond. However, when your engagement ring is from by a highly sought-after fine jewelry brand like Harry Winston or Tiffany & Co., it will be worth more money for the diamond ring.

Get a quote in person from a respected, licensed diamond buyer. They will be able to give you the most accurate evaluation of what your diamond ring is really worth.

Selling Inherited Diamond and Estate Jewelry

When you are thinking of selling your inherited jewelry, you might want to ask yourself, if you are wearing it? The memories of your loved one really has nothing to do with their diamond or antique jewelry. You can honor your loved one by selling the estate jewelry and using the money for something meaningful. There are many questions that people have when selling their estate jewelry, antique jewelry, and coins from an inheritance.

When you are planning to sell your estate jewelry, the value of your estate jewelry depends on the individual piece. Perhaps your inherited jewelry has a big demand for the item, or the value of the gemstones and precious metals the jewelry and coins. You can look for the hallmark that might be engraved into the metal of your estate jewelry. But the best way is to have a professional buyer of estate jewelry. They will be able to determine the value of the jewelry, for example, whether it’s diamonds, gold or platinum.

There should never be a cost to find out the value of your inherited jewelry. Always sell your diamonds and estate jewelry with a well established diamond buyer you can trust.

Selling Valuable Jewelry to Start a College Fund.

A great way to start the college fund by selling your jewelry that you no longer wear. If it’s an inherited piece of jewelry, it would be a great tribute to the memory of a loved one. College is expensive, and it can be stressful getting the funds to pay for your child’s education. It’s always best to go to a local jewelry buyer with expertise. They can give you a realistic assessment of your jewelry’s value for you to make the decision what’s right for you. Diamonds can certainly have a high resale value depending on size and quality. Additionally, the antique and estate jewelry as well as gold coins you sell could put you well on you way to starting the college fund. Although jewelry buyers do not pay retail, sometimes the prices for your jewelry will be surprisingly high.

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