What is it with Radiant Cut Diamonds?

Popular since the 1980s, the Radiant Cut Diamond lives up to its name: it is impressively radiant and brilliant. Henry Grossbard designed the Radiant Cut in 1977 in pursuit of combining the finest elements of the Round Brilliant Cut and the Emerald Cut.

The Radiant Cut Diamond owes its brilliance to the 70 facets found its pavilion and crown. The precision of each facet offers immense brilliance and fire. The Radiant Cut’s brilliance is surpassed only by the Round Brilliant Cut.

With carefully beveled corners, Radiants have substantial durability against chips and breakage. Therefore, it makes it an excellent choice for those with an active lifestyle.
The radiant cut diamond is the first square cut (the second being the princess) to have a complete brilliant-cut facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion. Because of this, it creates a vibrant and lively square diamond. First popular in the 1980’s, the cropped corner square shape of the radiant is a nice bridge between a cushion and a princess cut. For that reason, it looks beautiful set with both rounded or square cornered diamonds.

In longer (more rectangular) radiant cut diamonds, a bow-tie effect is more likely. Although, not as common as in oval, marquise, and pear cuts), varying from near invisible to severe.

In addition, the visibility of a bow-tie effect cannot be ascertained by reviewing the diamond certificate or dimensions, but only upon visual inspection. The square radiant looks very similar to a princess cut, but with cropped corners. Once set, a square radiant and a princess look virtually identical, since the prongs cover the corners.

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