Get in front of the coming recession. Have you forgotten how devastating the great recession was? You can beat the coming recession blues!

Financial experts across the country are speculating that the U.S. is due for another economic recession.

sell antique jewelryFinancial experts across the country are speculating that the U.S. is due for another economic recession. According to The Balance, there have been 11 recessions since the end of World War II and each time these recessions occur they are preceded by substantial economic growth.

Forbes Magazine takes the position, “Activity measures like retail sales, industrial production and employment, the U.S. economy does not seem to be on the brink of slowing down. But it is a perverse fact that such measures have been at their highest points, and even at record levels<, just before falling a few months later under the weight of an economic downturn.”

The New York Times says, “Some experts worry that the nation is overdue for another recession. The expansion is currently the second-longest on record and will be the longest if it continues into next summer, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.”

There are a few ways you can use your jewelry to combat the impending recession.
  • Pay down your debt
  • Have emergency funds available
  • Reallocate your assets (Yes… jewelry is an asset

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