How you can make money selling jewelry on the secondary market

Many people decide to sell their unwanted jewelry to an estate jewelry buyer like us, D. Atlas Estates. We understand the nuances that make a beautiful piece of jewelry worth much more than its component parts.

philadelphia diamond buyer“Signed” or “name brand” pieces of jewelry will retain a greater value than a piece that isn’t signed in the secondary market. Signed jewelry indicates the name of the jewelry house or maker with an engraving on the underside of the piece or the inside of a ring. Jewelry makers began signing their work during the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau periods, from about 1860 onwards.

A non signed piece is worth the total of its intrinsic parts (gold, silver, gems, etc).

For example, a Tiffany & Co. silver item is more valuable in the secondary market than a non signed piece of jewelry. This is due to the fact that a piece of silver has value that is created by branding, those items are supported by the advertising the many fine retailers spend to keep their name in the public. Because Tiffany spends a fortune annually supporting their brand, a Tiffany item is well respected and received in the secondary market.  If that same silver was not signed, it would have a value a fraction of what it retailed for.

In conclusion, when selling your jewelry in the secondary market, enter with the appropriate expectations based on the value of your jewelry.  Furthermore, if you can, buy items that retain a greater value over time to begin with.

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