BrazilFoundation XVII

We at D. Atlas Estates believe in giving back to worthy causes. One of those causes is the BrazilFoundation, a non-profit community outreach group for the diamond mines in Brazil. Our mission is to be involved as best we can with any group that has an outstretched hand when helping others.

Steven Schiffman attended the BrazilFoundation XVII Gala Event at the Plaza Hotel in New York City last evening 9/12/19. WOW! It was fun, vibrant, and exciting. If you’re looking for a worthy endeavor, look at

Our contribution for the BrazilFoundation XVII Gala on 9/12/19 were these HUGE baroque pearls, 18-23mm, 18in long that were auctioned off at the Gala. We hope the new owners remember the Gala event as fondly as we do when wearing these pearls.
D. Atlas Estates, diamond buyer is a proud supporter to promote equality, social justice and economic opportunity for all diamond mines in Brazil and for Brazilians.

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