Mario Buccellati

A timeless design aesthetic and refined craftsmanship have always been at the center of the Buccellati universe.

Buccellati’s house’s have an unrelenting desire to create objects of rare beauty has established its distinct. The jewelry has inimitable style, and has set it far apart from the rest of its competitors.

In 1919 Mario Buccellati opened his first enterprise. By 1949 he was commissioned to create an icon by Pope Pius XII for Princess Margaret to mark the extraordinary power of the first visit of a British Royal to Vatican City in hundreds of years. Magnificent Buccellati jewelry works of art can be admired today at the Chianciano Art Museum in Tuscany.

After the establishment of stores in Milan, Rome and Florence, began the development of Buccellatti’s business by opening a new store on Fifth Avenue in New York in 1954. In addition, another store opened in Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida in 1958.

After the death of Mario in 1965, management of the firm was conducted by four of his five sons. In 1971 the new brand Gianmaria Buccellati was launched by one of Mario’s sons. He then started a separate business from his brothers. Furthermore, in 2011 they came to an agreement with his relatives for the brand Buccellati then Buccellati Holding Italia reshaping the company. December 2016, China’s Gansu Gangtai Holding Group bought a controlling 85% share in Buccellati.

In conclusion, together with its distinguished Milanese heritage, Buccellati has become renowned.  The subtle, yet distinctive jewelry style that evokes the glamour of the past and still remaining relevant in the modern world.

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