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What to Ask a Buyer when Selling Jewelry or Diamonds

Knowing the right questions to ask is the first step in selling your jewelry for fair market value. If you choose to sell to a buyer, like D. Atlas Estates, you will want to ask for an offer to purchase not an appraisal for insurance purposes. Many appraisers or gemologists will sell you an appraisal report, which adds nothing to the secondary market value of your items and will often cost you money.

Instead, simply ask a buyer what he will pay for your specific item. Ask for an offer, not an appraisal. Most buyers will then make you an offer at no cost or obligation to you. Ask the straight question, “Is this a firm offer?” and “Will you write a check right now?” This will discard any fake offers or misunderstandings and will reinforce only a firm offer.

You want to have no regrets in the decision to sell your jewelry and D. Atlas Estates definitely helps make those decisions easier for you.

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