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Selling diamonds or jewelry in the secondary market can be difficult for someone not in the jewelry industry.

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A Trusted Reputation

Atlas & Co wholesale jewelers office in the early 1920's

118 years of history

Steven Schiffman and David Atlas have built outstanding reputations in the estate jewelry business by being forthright and knowledgeable in every appraisal and purchase. D. Atlas & Co., Inc. was established in 1898 on Philadelphia's "Jewelers Row," and has been running continuously as a buyer of jewelry for more than 116 years.

renowned industry experts

Steven and David offer an expertise that is unparalleled in the jewelry industry. Steven Schiffman, CEO of and David Atlas, the CEO of D. Atlas & Co., Inc. are considered experts on all aspects of fine jewelry. They are sought after for their opinion by both the general public and by jewelry professionals. Both principals of their respective firms consider it an obligation to deal with clients in the most professional and direct manner while offering only the highest prices for your jewelry. They have a excellent name within the community and conduct their business to not only maintain their excellent reputation, but continually strive to make it stronger.

D.Atlas, the company founder, at Jewelers Row Association Outing, August 1931